The To be Named Adventuring Company

Episode 2

A Fairy Special Journey

We joined our adventurers on their way from Stonekeeper to Downhill, where they intended to meet once more with Lazy Bill. The journey was going splendidly until Rufus started having contractions. He fell to the ground, and everyone swore he was dying until a 2' Grippli popped out. The adventurers were surprisingly cool with this development, maybe because the Grippli turned out to be none other than Mumbleford Waits, the folksy-country artist, known for hits such as "Hot Hands, Cold Feet." They decided to let him follow along, mostly because he lived inside Rufus' body.

When the adventurers arrived in Downhill, they ran into Lazy Bill back at the Slopfilth tavern, who informed them that the eye symbol they found was indeed that of the God-Eye Island Elf Kingdom. In fact, it looks like it came from a guard's uniform. Lazy Bill forked over the remaining of his savings to hire the adventurers to investigate, hoping their discovery would get him back in good graces with Emperor Yeward Garen. 

The adventurers had a pretty pleasant journey from Downhill to Brokenhom, last stop before the God-Eye Island. First, the stopped in Lowhill, the largest city in the Hundred Hills, where Venganza and Mumbleford visited a petting zoo, Cade and Rufus challenged each other to a drinking contest, and Wark won money at Starplex. Venganza then defeated the biggest boxer around, a Goliath named Grunt (cousin to Chump of Downhill), and Mumbleford won a singing contest. Most importantly, Venganza and Mumbleford purchased a small pig named Festus, whom they are training to be their war pig.

Afterward, they whisked through Castlefair, where they helped advertise a musical about the town's founder, Alexander Hammerton. Along the way, they met a fellow traveler, who bonded with Venganza and gave them a gift of Mirror Dross, an addictive depressant. Then, they sidled through Strayford, where they failed to help some parents locate a lost child.  Things grew more wary yet, when a group of highway men, known as the High Women, robbed the group. Finally, they arrived in Brokenhom, where they attended the boxing match of Crammer McGlamor and Lloyd Fairweather. It was the boxing match of the year, attendance was free, and gamblind was encouraged. Mumbleford and Venganza gambled on McGlamor but ultimately lost, whereas young master Cade broke even. In Brokenhom, the adventurers also learned that the Doubtful Syrens had recently passed through on their way to perform for the birthday of the elvish princess, Molly Fernpossum (daughter King Fernpossum, the Nipplemancer). In a hurry to catch up with the bards, they sprinted headfirst into the dangerous Feywood Forest.

Their journey through the Feywood Forest and along the Feywood Trail started nicely but quickly grew treacherous. First, they encountered a rain storm, which threatened to spoil their rations. Then, they stumbled into a magical labyrinth, where they lost health and used up their abilities. When they finally stopped for the night, the feyfolk kept them awake with whispers in the night. Exhausted, the adventurers continued forth the next morning, only to be robbed by a Quickling near a peculiarly bubbling brook. Venganza filled his waterskin from the brook and was inevitably poisoned until the next morning.

That night, the adventurers rested peacefully, excluding Mumbleford and Rufus, who were drawn away from camp with voices from their past. Wark, Venganza, and Cade searched for them to no avail and, instead, found a troll. Cade dropped some of the group's gold for it and ran away with Venganza, while Wark stayed to discover that the troll was merely an illusion created by brownies. Covering his sword with blood, Wark convinced his fellow travelers that he took on this troll by himself (a nearly impossible feat!). Meanwhile, Rufus and Mumbleford stumbled across one another in the woods and then wandered together looking for a trail. When they stopped to rest, two satyrs danced by, singing and dancing. Rufus and Mumbleford partied with them, drinking wine, playing banjos, wood flutes, and pan pipes. However, when the satyrs departed, Rufus realized that they had stolen his coin purse.

On the final day of their journey through the Feywood Forest, Wark, Venganza, and Cade came across an abandoned village with a girl who asked them for help answering 3 riddles. At first, they thought she was a ghost but they eventually decided to help her. Likewise, Rufus and Mumbleford discovered an old man in a shack, who needed help unlocking a magical box that was holding his cat Schroedinger. When the first group solved their puzzles (with the answers, Air, Dream, and Illusion), the village suddenly vanished, along with the girl, and they were left on an empty beach. Similarly, after Rufus and Mumbleford discovered the key to opening the box was the phrase "Hail Queen Titania," the shack suddenly disappeared, leaving them to wonder whether the cat truly existed while in the box. The groups reunited soon after on the beach, discovering a barrel of Oberon's beer, filled with gold and the magical ale "Expi.'"



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